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The Top 25 Argument Essay Topics For College: Get The Best Grade For Your Paper

Do you have to write an argumentative essay, but can’t decide on which topic will let you achieve the top grade? The process of selecting the topic shouldn’t be rushed, because it might play a key role in determining the outcome of your result. Here you can hire someone to write essay for you and avoid struggling with the paper on your own. Factors such as quality of topic, your passion towards it and ability to get relevant information all play a role.

Here are 25 ideas for great argumentative topics to get you started:

  1. Laws should not dictate the minimum age required to drive a car
  2. Communism is a topic that should still be a concern for the general public
  3. Any drunk driving offences need to be made more severe
  4. All students should join a sorority or fraternity
  5. People should not make judgments based on the appearance of a person
  6. Anyone over the age of 16 must be trained in basic medical skills such as CPR
  7. Everyone should be encouraged to work while going through college
  8. All students should attempt to minimize their debt before they leave college
  9. Your friends are more important than family members
  10. College students should be made to recycle so that it sets an example for the rest of the community
  11. During family holidays sports should not be the focus of attention
  12. The social pressures experienced by students nowadays are greater than ever before
  13. The philosophy to help others must be at the core of our society
  14. The money spent getting a college education is worth the expense
  15. God without question is real
  16. Internet use by children should be monitored more heavily
  17. America is more sensitive than most regarding racial issues
  18. The quality of your grades does not really indicate how smart you are
  19. More schools should implement the use of electronic textbooks
  20. As a world power the US will soon be overtaken by China
  21. Is animal testing really required to perform research?
  22. Are we too reliant on technology for our own good?
  23. Is there too much variety when you go to the supermarket?
  24. Are sports stars paid more money than they deserve?
  25. Ideally people of the same educational background should marry