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Teenage Obesity In America

Obesity has been a worldwide problem for many years now. In recent years though, teenage obesity has grown drastically in America. Poor diet and lifestyle have been a big factor in this problem. The statistics show that America's obesity problem has surpassed many other nations.

There are many factors that lead American children to become obese. Less physical activity due to the high existence of electronic devices. Over 98% of all teenagers have a cell phone, computer or electronic game of some sort. Which any parent of a teenager knows, they stay glued to the electronics 90% of the time. Teenagers today have more calorie intake then they do physical activity thus leading to obesity.

Obese teenagers are at risk for many health problems due to their low physical activity. High blood pressure and diabetes are the most common factors. Many obese children have been diagnosed with diabetes before the age of twelve. High blood pressure has been recorded in children as young as eight in America. Both of these conditions make them at higher risk for cardiovascular disease, which is showing up in younger people more than ever.

Cardiovascular disease has been determined as the cause of young athletes passing out or dying during athletic events or practice. This disease limits the amount of blood your heart receives and physical activity increases the pumping of you heart. Many athletes have this problem and go undiagnosed by a physician, which is why they suddenly pass out during a game or practice without warning.

Despite the health factor, there is the risk of peer pressure. Many students have experienced teenager bullying due to their size. Children of all ages have had problems with bullying for many years. Some bullying has even lead to teenager suicide in many cases. Schools have implemented many rules to help cut down on bullying on school property.

There have been drastic cases were bullied teenagers have gone to the extreme measure to release their anger on other students. Which has lead to many young lives lost all because there is not more help organizations to prevent bullying.

The need to lower teenage obesity in America has caught the attention of many schools and political personnel. Schools have drastically changed their lunch menus to provide healthier meals to children. Many politicians have formed programs to get America's youth involved in activities to encourage physical activity around the nation.