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Finding Excellent Visual Essay Examples: A Quick Guide

As we are advancing in technology, there are different ways in which we can communicate to each other. A rather innovative way of presenting findings and researches is in the form of a ‘visual essay’. As you can tell by its name, a visual essay could be either a piece of work that is solely based on pictures or a combination of both text and pictures. Obviously, the pictures included in your visual essay have to be related to your content; otherwise, it would not be worthy putting it in.

When you are looking for excellent visual essay examples, here are a few criteria that you should seek and evaluate:

Are the pictures relevant?

As I have stated above, the pictures included in the visual essay must be related to the work. It would not be a good idea to just stuff random pictures in! So you must be critical of this. Even if the author is a reputable professional, if his work is below standards, you are should critique it and state his or her limitations! Remember, you won’t be wrong in the world of academia, as long as you can provide evidence for what you say.

Are the texts well written?

They should be concise and delivers the point straight away. A good essay would not be dragging on and on about the same points. If you see that, you should certainly look for other works written by other authors. The texts should also be able to deliver what the meanings of the study are. Again, you have to evaluate it using your own knowledge. However, don’t go and pick on minor faults like grammatical mistakes!

Check if the research is valid

The main thing that you have to check and look out for is whether the research has been done properly or not. Try and evaluate the way it’s done and the sources that it has cited. Obviously, you should look for any gaps that exist and you should mention it. Don’t think too much about it though! It’s only good practice if you do this, as it shows your level of criticalness and your ability to read through academic papers. Remember, it is perfectly fine for you to talk about your opinions as well! But you must be able to provide sufficient evidence to support the points that you make.