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How To Compose A Good Compare And Contrast Essay Topic Sentence

When writing a compare and contrast essay you need a good topic sentence. This sentence details what your content is about but more specifically, the nature of the content in relation to what you are comparing and contrasting. You need to provide information that will give readers clear insight on why your topic is important and what they should know firsthand before they continue reading the paragraph. It helps to find sample essay papers to get an idea of how you can discuss your topic. Here are additional points to remember for your essay topic sentence.

Define Elements of a Good Topic Sentence for an Essay

Writing a compare and contrast essay topic sentence can be a challenge for a number of reasons. You are likely comparing context of two elements and you need to determine how this comes across in your sentence. Your topic sentence could be a question your paper works to answer about the elements being compared. Your sentence could be a fact you feel is true about what you learned but it helps introduce evidence that will follow. In other cases the topic sentence can be a supporting point related to elements you are comparing.

Choose an Interesting Compare and Contrast Topic

There are interesting compare and contrast topic ideas to consider for your essay. It is important your topic selection is interesting to make the writing process easier. Think about elements you would like to compare. This can be anything from food, exercise, books, music or anything of interest. The idea is to consider topic ideas that are similar and you can discuss differences and similarities without difficulty. In some cases your content should offer in-depth analysis as to what you have learned about the items and their purpose.

Find Sample Essay Papers that Present Good Examples to Study

Developing a good topic sentence includes studying well written examples. There are papers to consider through academic databases online and homework help sites offering insight on what your topic sentence should read. Think about the purpose of the sentence and how it relates to your topic and claim. A well written topic sentence can be a prime example students need to visualize in order to understand information necessary for their own topic sentence. Try to find example papers similar to the content you want to write about.