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Leadership Style of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a leader who was unconventional in his style that didn’t borrow anything from university textbooks. He was well known for maintaining a work environment among the coworkers that needed them to be excellent and also his short way of delivering criticism. The mixture of his geniuses combined with his abilities to intermix his vision together with the staff, customers, investors in his quest added to the lessons from previous mistakes made Steve Jobs work to be Indisputable. To many people he was referred to as a visionary especially in Apple, the backbone company of his works that once fired him then brought him back. Steve Jobs was a futurist who demonstrated his abilities to almost predicting his future in a real business setting. Steve Jobs was a university dropout who worked his way to the top having only had a little experience in computer field. With his friend, Wozniak they started the company, Apple with their capital and it didn’t disappoint them after the company made to the fortune 500 lists.

Hard lessons

After he had left from Apple, he went on and took new challenges in life. He bought a small company called Pixar, and he transformed the company from a little animation room to an industrial leader in animation Films Company. He also started a new computing company called NeXT. During this time where he was starting from scratch again, he learned to be always patient and disciplined. By being the sole decision maker of his company, Jobs knew that any decision made whether bad or good heavily rested on him unlike at Apple where he was always struggling to make decisions. Steve Jobs had that extra push to succeed in his life after that first dismissal at Apple. That extra push saw him succeed at his company and also during his second spell at Apple.

Control of the little and big

Jobs had control over all the aspect of the business in his quest for Excellency and perfection. He didn’t always stick to the first or second as his options. His toy story had taken around four years before it made it, but he never abandoned it. His control went as far as in choosing the food served in the cafeteria and the design of the company bus. He encourages a system whereby there was strict accountability in the business that ensured review of each and every project in the company under development.