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Where To Get A Free Essay: Online Academic Solutions

Free essays are not easy to come by. You can find free essays to use as models for your own essay, but most essays available for students are those ones that have been written and are now for sale—you generally want to avoid these prewritten, for sale essays like the plague—one does not want to receive an essay that they will turn into their instructor and have him or her then run it through copy scape, revealing the essay to be a true 100% match because they are stealing/ plagiarizing that essay.

Scholarly Journals

Free essays are all over the place if you want a model. If you are wanting a high level journal article, for example, you can look to scholarly journals that you can find in databases like the MLA database. That database, one available to all students, has great essays on authors and analysis of literature that are very well written, very well composed in terms of grammar and sentence structure, and are very well organized as well. Or if you are interested in psychology, experiment with other databases and read an interesting essay about new findings in ADD/HAD or Bipolar disorder. Essays by nurses, also, are not so high level medical information and they can make great models, especially for people using APA format.

Scholarly websites created by universities to help students write better, more informative, better organized essays are the best sites to reference when crafting any essay. There are all kinds of these I absolutely love.

Try Googling things like “great examples of a properly formatted essay in APA forat or MLA format.

University Web Sites

Also, try university Writing centers. The writing center websites at places like Purdue and other universities will often have grammar exercises, handouts on English grammar, and sample essays on everything from MLA, to APA, to Chicago Style, to Harvard Style essays with research, footnotes and endnotes, works cited pages, and examples of quotes and paraphrases woven in so that you can model your own essay on theirs.

Finding Quality Essays Via Google

Try looking for very high quality academic essays written by students to imitate. I know I often have my students submit their essays to contests all over the United States, so try Googling “high quality essays” “award winning academic essays by students” or “essay award winners.”