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Beryllium is an element with a symbol of Be and has got the atomic number to be 4. The creation of this chemical is done using stellar nucleo synthesis and even it has been seen that it is an element that is seen to be very rare in the universe. It has also been identified that this elements develops naturally but requires certain combination of other elements in minerals. Different gemstones present in the globe has got contains of beryllium that comprises of both beryl and chrysoberyl. The physical structure of this element is seen to be brittle alkaline earth metal, strong but lightweight and steel-gray.

Beryllium lays down improvement in the physical properties of other elements when they are added in aluminum, nickel, copper and iron. One of the importance that can be drawn out of Beryllium element is that when a tool is made of beryllium copper alloys then it creates a strong and hard component that when hit with steel surface will not be creating any sort of sparks. Even this element has got the potential to be used for producing various aerospace materials such as satellites, missiles and spacecraft. These productions can be carried out in a structured application all due to various combinations such as higher rigidity, thermal conductivity and stability with lower density. The density is seen to be around 1.85 times lower than water. These all factors present within beryllium metal enhance the potential of element to produce components that can be used in aerospace. However, Beryllium element is not visible within X-rays as it is relatively transparent all due to its lower density and atomic mass.

The element is seen to be transparent from other form of ionizing radiation. This is the reason that this material plays a window to be used for producing X-ray equipments and components for experimenting particle physics. Even due to the property of thermal conductivities Beryllium element can be used for the applications of thermal management. If this element is used for the purpose of commercial use then there is a need for appropriate dust control equipment at all times for laying down control over the element (Rossman, 2012). It is because the element containing toxicity when inhaled by humans composed of beryllium-containing dusts is going to pull the individual towards life-threatening chronic allergic disease termed as berylliosis.