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Using A Compare And Contrast Essay Example: A Step-By-Step Guide For Getting A Good Template

There are different types of essays that you can be asked to write for your term paper or for whichever assignment that your tutor might give you. A compare and contrast essay is one of the most common examples that you can find, and it is for the same reason that you should learn to write these essays in the best way possible.

By definition, these are essays wherein you are required to note the differences and similarities between different elements or stimuli and compare or contrast them. The compare part of the essay requires you to take note of the similarities that exist between these two elements, while the contrast part of the essay emphasizes a lot on the differences between these two elements.

A good example in real life where such instances come in handy include when choosing the university that you want to attend, wherein you take a closer look at the features of all the universities that are at your disposal, write down the pros and cons of attending either, and in the long run narrow your choices to two or three alternatives from which you eventually come to pick one.

Decision patterns for compare and contrast essays

There are two organizational patterns that you can use when you want to choose especially when comparing and contrasting. One of the alternatives that you have is bock arrangement of ideas while the other is alternating (point by point) arrangement of ideas.

What you have to remember is that the key behind such essays is that you must understand whether or not you are required to compare, contrast or do both. In most cases a lot of the instructors will require students to compare then contrast the essay. The wording in such instructions can at times be confusing, especially since most students will only go so far as stating the features such as the differences and similarities and leave it at that.

However, one important feature of these essays is that they require the individual to draw an inference in the long run. When you are done looking at the differences and the similarities, you are supposed to also come up with a conclusive remark, a final statement of your assertion of the essay in general. You should show that even with the comparison provided, a particular angle of thought comes out on top.