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A List of Frankenstein Essay Topics - Fresh Ideas from Experts

There are many students who will be asked to write an essay about the novel Frankenstein and have little or no knowledge of the book itself. Obviously the first step in looking for fresh ideas is to be familiar with the text itself. You need to read the novel. You also need to divorce yourself from films and popular culture images of a Frankenstein monster which have developed over the years.

Because of its high status as a piece of literature the novel allows the character of Frankenstein to be studied in great detail and finding fresh ideas about the themes and ideas revealed in the novel is easy. Going online to find fresh ideas from experts on the subject is relatively easy. Of course finding a fresh idea and being able to translate that into a well written and well researched essay is another thing. Once you have the fresh idea you must remain true to the structure and format of your essay.

One of the best ways to tackle the subject is to find a fresh idea and arrange it so that it becomes the thesis statement for your essay. Remember that the thesis statement is the point you wish to prove throughout the essay or the question you wish to answer. The stronger your thesis statement is then the better the chance of you writing a strong and successful essay.

So use your search engine wisely and with the appropriate words such as ‘fresh ideas on the novel of Frankenstein’ or ‘expert commentary on the novel of Frankenstein’ etc. Following are some possible fresh ideas from experts you might wish to consider in writing your Frankenstein essay.

  1. The personality of the monster is easy to understand.
  2. Does the novel have to end the way it does?
  3. What alternative endings to the novel would you suggest?
  4. Are there romantic themes found in the novel and if so, describe one of them.
  5. How important is nature in the development of the tale?
  6. What do we know about the creator of the novel?
  7. What lessons about society being safe can we take from the events in the novel?
  8. Give an analysis of the lifestyle of Frankenstein.
  9. How important is the character of Robert Walton in the context of the novel?
  10. Where does this novel sit in the genre of like-minded works?