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Mars Mission

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A Mars mission many want to see is one that includes a human being sent to the planet. There have been extensive plans in the works by researchers to determine the best course of action. Unfortunately, a number of challenges that stand in the way could take years to solve. You would think since we were able to send a man to the moon it would be a cinch to send man to Mars. Not quite. Estimates on how much it may cost to send a small crew could run into the billions of dollars. So what is making this feat literally impossible at this point and can it be achieved in the future?

Sending humans to Mars is something researchers have worked on for years dating back to the 1950s. There are missions researchers hope to take place in roughly 30 years (give or take a few). There are a number of organizations and agencies working to make this possible. But, they are facing a number of challenges that could scrap the whole idea altogether. There are potential health effects, cost measures, psychological and social effects that question the ability of a possible Mars mission.

While there is a level of seriousness, many people wonder what it would be like to travel to Mars. There are things people have learned about the planet that make some wonder if a human could survive on it. Others wonder why someone would want to travel to the planet in the first place. Even though there are things we know about the planet, if you were able to actually travel to it, it could be considered a different story. A number of health issues make the mission almost impossible such as radiation exposure, eyesight loss, and contamination when crossing into different zones.

The fact it could cost billions of dollars alone may leave the idea of a Mars mission as nothing but a dream. Even if a trip could be possible it may take a couple of years for someone to reach Mars from Earth. The launch would occur every several years but a trip or flight to Mars could average roughly 450 days. Every few years there are new proposals or updates to the idea of doing a mission. It can take some time overall to determine if a trip will be made, but progress has been moving in the right direction for a possible launch attempt in the near future.