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Global Warming

Imagine three people A, B, and C living on an island. They hunt, gather wood for the fire, and use the small river for clean water. Thus, there is an equal distribution of the limited resources available on the island. One day, three more people, C, D, and E are shipwrecked on the island. Imagine what it do the A, B and C’s present dynamic. The same food will now have to be divided into six portions; the same wood will now warm six people; the small river used by three will now be used by six. Ergo, there is a very real possibility that their resources will deplete faster, and so will their lives. This is a very loose explanation of Global Warming, but the effect it very real in both cases.

Speaking in simple terms, Global Warming is the rise in the Earth’s temperature due to the abundance of what are known as Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The result is a drastic change in the planet’s climate, manifested by changes in weather, rise in sea level, torrential downpours and modification in rain cycles. Even more worrisome is the fact that most of these greenhouse gases are the direct result of industrial development and population explosion in the recent years. Water Vapor, for example, is emitted both by plants and by numerous industries all over the world. The gas is mainly carbon dioxide, which, even in miniscule amounts can persist in the atmosphere and heat it up. Apart from CO2, gases such as Nitrogen, Sulphur dioxide, CFCs are also counted among Greenhouse gases.

Just above the earth’s troposphere is a thin layer of ozone, which prevents most of sun’s harmful UV radiation from penetrating the atmosphere. However, the incremented levels of CFCs in the atmosphere have resulted in a rapid depletion of said ozone, thus aiding the rise in the amount of radiation in the atmosphere. Furthermore, the presence of CO2 ensures that radiation entering the atmosphere does not escape, and instead gets dissipated in the form of heat.

Each year mankind releases about 22 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, most of which comes from our daily activities. What it doesn’t realize is that its thoughtless actions increase the risk of conditions like skin cancer, breathing problems, and other diseases in humans, as well as harming numerous important flora and fauna.

While some believe that Global Warming is a hoax, there is no denying that the threat of destruction is very real, especially from our own hands. The only options in such a scenario are to realize that the Earth is, after all, our home, and the only one we have. Respecting the Earth and its resources is not an option, but a choice, one that everyone should honor.