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Tips For Writing A Persuasive Essay On Why Xbox Is Better Than Ps3

Writing persuasive assignments is one important academic task that you attempt in your school and college. It is more like delivering a speech where you have to convince the audience of your ideas through logic and facts. While writing such a paper, you have to pick a topic and take a stance on it. It is important to take a stance because without it you will not be able to move forward or develop an argument. You can only convince someone when you are taking a side. Once you take a stance on the subject, you have to use convincing arguments, logic, and facts to persuade the readers of your ideas. You should show them until the end of your paper that you stance is right. You can even using refuting arguments for opposing theories to prove yourself right

If you are to create an effective paper about why Xbox is better than PS3, then you should keep several important things in your mind

  1. Know the subject
  2. It is important that you are clear about the subject you are trying to address in your paper. Do not waste your time on other things unless you have a definite understanding of the subject you are attempting. If you are not familiar with something, try to research and learn about it instead of attempting the wrong paper. If you develop an interest in the subject, it will be easy for you to create an effective assignment about it

  3. Be clear about your stance
  4. You should be very clear and firm about your stance since the beginning. Point your stance to the audience in the opening of your paper so that they know what to expect from the rest of your assignment

  5. Develop an engaging introduction
  6. The introduction is the first paragraph in your paper so you should try to engage your audience here. Use the opening sentence to include a hook that will develop curiosity for your audience. Your introduction also contains the thesis statement that defines the overall scope of your work

  7. Create your major arguments
  8. According to your thesis, develop your major arguments for the paper that you will use for your body paragraphs in the paper

    You should also,

  9. Gather your data for evidence

  10. Watch your tone

  11. Write a winning conclusion