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Sociology And Me

Sociology is built on cultural and racial aspects of people within a particular society. Different people from different locations have different culture and races. These differences in cultures and races develop social conflicts among peoples from various ethnic groups. This makes the study of sociology quite challenging due to vast culture of people. However, sociology can be better understood through determining cultural value and racial factors within the society. Sociology is therefore based on cultural structure of the society, ethnic diversity and the people.

Cultural and Racial Influence in Sociology

Culture involves beliefs, material possession and behavioral practices which are inherited from one generation to another generation. Therefore, I learn from the society which I am brought up in and will tend to reject cultures from other communities. As a result, cultural conflicts develop which brings quarrel between communities which are dominant communities and the minority groups who live within the same society. My culture outlines how I dress up, the way I behave and the beliefs of other people as well. The present arrogant world is the product of Culture and chauvinism of people.

Race is neither natural nor biological, it as a social assemble. Race is developed by people living in the society and that is where I belong. Race is the foundation of humanity and how people perceive, identify and classify one in an orderly manner. Race has remained to be my defining factor and shall forever continue to be parallel to humanity. Unlike prejudice, which involves actions or attitude against individuals, race judges other peoples on the basis of their skin color.

Cultural and Racial Consequences

Structural functionalists argue that society ought to be meritocracy whereby, all people are credited on their ability basis and not racial or cultural aspects. Following the instance of early days in America society, black people and women were not given equal opportunities in the society specifically due to their race and culture, a fact that discouraged most of them from taking senior positions within the society. To make the matter worse, black Americans were mistreated and false accused and sometime put into custody because of their race.

Despite brilliant black Americans students performing excellently in studies, they ended up in working in most menial jobs. Most black parents decided against educating their children. The whites believed that the black people were not worthy of the first-class nationality and thus everything remained in a cruel circle within the American society. The ancient American society is a good example on consequences of crediting people on basis of race and culture in place of ability. Sociology has sometimes defined me that way but it’s something I should manage carefully to benefit from it.