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Modern Architecture

Modern architecture started being used after the First World War. It was actually developed during the decade that followed this war. The factors leading to development of this new architecture were many. They included the need to use different materials, dislike of the materials previously used and the principles embedded in planning which was quite functional.

Style and materials

Several developments halfway into the 19th century preceded the style of modern architecture. These developments included the use of materials such as iron glass. Moreover, different structures and buildings were put up during this time. These buildings included the Crystal Palace and Eiffel Tower. Individuals such as William Baron and Louis Henry Sullivan were very instrumental in this process. These individuals ensured that the designs used in the construction of these structures were functional. As much as there was no defined architecture at that time, the steps they took did set the foundation for the modern architecture. Actually, some developers of modern architecture were students to individuals named above. For instance, Lloyd Wright was a student to Henry. In early 20th century, starters of modern architecture had already started noticing that the form of a building depended on a couple of factors. These factors included the function and construction materials. Another aspect that shaped modern architecture is technology advancement. Technology factors included use of prefabricated construction materials and air conditioning systems.

Evolution of modern architecture

At the mid 20th century, modern architecture continued to evolve. As much as evolution happened, criticism was also widespread for three major reasons. Some people felt modern architecture was sterile, it had anonymity and it did not value construction traditions within different regions. Despite the criticism, architects sought ways to express their artistic skills as well as express their regional identity. Despite these needs, the architects still paid attention to the guidelines of using materials and the structure itself. Some of the professions who had some input during this evolution are Pier Luigi from Italy and Louis Kahn from America. As architecture was modernised, ornaments in construction was rejected. However, history started repeating itself after the mid 20th century. Different architects used ornamental products to ensure that the buildings they designed were not only functional but also appealing. Moreover, the appeal is usually both on the interior and exterior of a structure.

Architecture is an important part in the construction process. It helps in the conceptualisation of structural ideas long before construction begins.