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Selecting Exploratory Essay Topics: 10 Outstanding Ideas

Knowing all about a subject of interest can be fun. If the teacher assigns an exploratory essay, try to think of something that interests you that you do not know much about. This will be the perfect opportunity to find out more about the subject. Make sure that as you research the topic, you use credible sources and experts in the field. You will want to try to get a first hand source or interview if you can do so. And you will want to always cite your sources within the paper and then provide a reference sheet. If the teacher assigns you to write an exploratory paper about a topic you are all ready familiar with, you won’t need the citations or the reference sheet.

10 Outstanding Ideas for Exploratory Essay Topics

  • How the car has changed society and how it was developed-you can look at the Ford evolution or you can study the Japanese and their industry
  • How to change a tire on a car- you can explain step by step the process as well as discuss how tires work
  • How to meet all your dreams and goals in life- this can be a self-help type paper with support
  • How to become famous through social media-think of people who have actually done this
  • How a piece of technology or machinery works- pick a object that interests you
  • How to make a cake- and how to eat it, what are famous cakes, where did they get their history
  • How to move around a city (you can pick the city) you have never been to before and what sights you see in that city
  • The habitats and habits of a particular animal- this can be fun
  • The details of a particular company or business-pick a favorite company
  • How technology or social media has changed our world and our habits- you can find experts and conduct some surveys

Once you pick a topic that you are interested in for your exploratory essay, you will need to develop a thesis statement on the subject. Make sure you select strong main ideas to discuss. If you can get interviews or first person sources, the paper will be better. Have fun as you explore your exploratory essay topic. You can pick a topic you are all ready familiar with or decide to learn about a new topic.