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Where To Start Looking For A Competent Online Essay Writer

Earlier this semester, I was in serious need of some writing assistance in one of my classes. I was falling behind with my readings and didn’t have the time to catch up and write an assignment that would earn a good grade. I asked a few friends and they suggested I find a good writing service to provide me with an original assignment.

  • I started with a simple online keyword search
  • Today, people can find anything online, so that’s where I got started. I entered “online essay writer” and found pages worth of results. After scrolling through a few pages I realized I should probably only focus on the companies that appeared on the first page, since I knew that these are the ones tagged as the most relevant and highly frequented sites. Most of these companies looked the same so I had to do a little more digging.

  • I made a list of a few companies worth checking
  • After reviewing a few sites I noticed that there were a lot of client comments stating that a particular company was the absolute best in the business. I knew I shouldn’t make too much of these claims since companies can post anything they want to win my business. I took my list of companies and searched for independent reviews. I found both negative and positive experience, which were equally helpful towards reducing the number of companies on my list.

  • I contacted the best companies directly
  • As my list grew smaller, I found that I could afford to spend some time contacting each one directly. I had a lot of questions about how the ordering process worked. Generally, customer support was quite friendly and provided answers for everything I had. Some companies even went on to explain how they go about finding qualified experts to write my essay. This direct response made it easier for me to narrow my choice to just a single company.

  • I reviewed writers’ education and experience
  • Lastly, I began to review the company’s writers to make sure I got to work with the right person. I was able to look at several profiles and check levels of experience. I narrowed my focus to two writers that had 5 or more years working as academic writers and who had a graduate degree with the discipline of my assignment. The final step involved communicating with my top choice and ensuring the details of my assignment were clear. It couldn’t have been easier.