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Excelling In Essay Writing: Helpful Instructions From Our Expert

When you’re a student it comes with the territory that you will need to devote time when it comes to writing essays. Essays can be looked as a job that needs to be done, like a burden, or something where when you balance your time can be rewarding. It all comes down to how your approach the project.

  • Make time to research
  • Make time to edit
  • Correspond with your teacher

Make time to research

When I mention about taking the right approach, the first thing is to give yourself the luxury of time. When I was a student, I was not good at managing my time; and even though I would pass the course, I look back, and now know I did not reach my full potential. Your essays reflect more on how you are as a student then how well you perform on tests, since one can cram for tests and possibly do well. When you write an essay, it gives the teacher an idea of how well you know the material, and how serious you take the course. Research involves looking at a variety of outlets, and then looks to verify how credible is the source of information you are relying on for your project. The sources play a huge part, and without the proper sources this can hurt your overall essay.

Make time to edit

Editing is really when the work begins. You can have a rough draft of your essay, and after you complete the editing process have a completely different essay, but what you hope is that it is far superior from your original draft. When you look at editing from this perspective, it makes the writing process much more rewarding.

Editing though, will take the most time, it involves fact checking, clarifying your arguments, and making sure you have solid use of grammar, and punctuation. Editing when done right, will have your paper stand out among the others.

Correspond with your teacher

The job of the teacher is to make sure the student is successful. Hopefully this is not based just on the grade. If the student can develop a good working relationship with the teacher, the teacher will do what it can to assist the student. While doing the project correspond with the teacher, and tell him/her, what topic you’re researching, what books the teacher would recommend, and what are good online sources. In college, you may not correspond directly with teacher, but with a teaching assistant. They may not know what sources to rely on for research, but can assist with the editing.