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Global Marketing

Global marketing includes the complete procedure of planning, making, placing and marketing the products of a company in the worldwide market. Multinational firms have offices in different countries, where they used to market their products. The involvement of internet in the marketing has helped small sized companies to market their products globally and reach to the customers in all parts of the world. Products with universal demand need global marketing. These products include automobiles and food. Examples of companies using global marketing strategies are Wal-Mart, Volkswagen, Toyota, General Motors, Japan Post Holdings, Samsung electronics, and General electric.

In 1919, Coca-cola introduced international sale. It is now available in more than 100 countries. Coke has the same taste in every country to keep the brand consistent in the market. However, the recipe in the United States includes the use of sugar instead of corn syrup made from high-fructose. However, the packaging such as shape, labeling, and size of the bottle have been changed according to norms of a particular company. The company has been using the standardized approach for the advertisement of the product, but now it has adapted the advertisement messages according to the culture of the respective country. McDonald's makes sure that the taste of Big Mac should remain same in all countries, but the number of items keeps on changing in the menu card according to the taste of local people. The Mexican customers can place an order for chili cheeseburger, and a Korean customer can order bulgogi burger in Korea. Customers in Arabian countries prefer to order McArabia.

Global marketing can cover a huge number of opportunities and products. It is not possible to identify the profile of a single customer. A global company is required essentially to maintain and manage the multiple profiles for every region in which it trades. The trading partner of United States is Mexico, Canada, European Union and China. However, the international trade does not limit there.

Global companies depend on the local network for distribution of producers, but with the expansion of the global company in the market, they establish distribution network of their own. A marketing manager in global company directs the promotional strategy of a company. They identify various market opportunities at international level and suggest the suitable market mix like product, placement, pricing and promotion. They also establish the relations with local businesses in the international market to promote the brand and distribution in the specific location. The online business of a company is developed by internet marketing manager. He makes the website of the company in different languages to stay in the global market.