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As you construct your essay you should not assume the audience will know the amount of knowledge as you do on the topic. You should draw comparison and use analogies to help make your argument.

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essay writing tips

Essay writing strategies used by professional

We all wish we could be professional writers. When it comes to writing a collegiate level paper there would be nothing better. The ease of the process, and knowing what makes an effective paper would be the prime benefits, however we all can't be a professional at writing. For those people who wish to hone in on their writing skills and become better at the process, here a fews academic essay writing strategies used by professionals. Let it first be stated, there are no general rules concerning how one should go about writing an essay. There are however a few strategies that can provide useful. These strategies can be divided based on characteristics starting with the watercolorist.

  • The watercolorist- This is a person who is able to write a paper just from reading and reflection. This sort of person usually writes an effective paper without needing much editing to it. Only a few people are lucky enough to attack a paper in this manner.

  • The architect - These individuals like to utilize practical strategy and develop a workable plan from it. After the plan has been created this person generally likes to execute the plan, and in turn needs little editing to the piece in the end. This is effective for those who have a tight grasp of the subject matter and what they are going to write.

  • The bricklayer- These individuals have the ability to utilize a plan or not. They attack each part of the paper in chunks. After each chunk is written, they go back and polish it sentence by sentence until the paragraph is perfect. This strategy means less editing at the end of the work. It does however take time to do.

  • The oil painter- The oil painter sorts out their ideas before they start crafting. While they sort out their ideas there is little conscious planning involved. This person typically takes many notes of ideas that come to them and rework them in order to form a cohesive paper. This approach is more beneficial in coming up with initial ideas in order to have a clearer picture of the whole issue when compared with other strategies. This strategy does takes time.

Remember there are many ways to go about writing your paper. The professionals have a number of strategies. When in doubt you can always have someone read over your work.