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Crafting An MLA Format Essay Title Page – Simple Advice

Generally, when writing in the MLA format you aren’t required to create a title page in a short essay or a longer writing project like a research paper. However, some instructors will favor a work with a professional presentation, so creating a cover page can be a really good idea. Here is some simple advice on how you can craft a great MLA format essay title page:

How to Format a Separate MLA Title Page

If your instructor requires you to submit your work with a separate title page use the following:

  1. The entire text on the page should be double spaced. All lines should be aligned center.
  2. Skip down to about 1/3 of the page and type your essay title in a either an 11 or 12 pt. font. If you have a sub-title, press enter once and enter the text in the line below.
  3. Skip several lines down to enter your first name and last. Press enter and enter your course name and number. Press enter again and enter your instructor’s name and the date in which your paper is due.
  4. With dissertations or longer research projects you can also enter the name of the college or university in a separate line below the instructor’s name and due date.

How to Format the Title on the First Page

If your instructor does not require a separate title page with your assignment then use the following:

  1. The entire text on the page should still be double spaced. In the upper left hand corner, enter your first and last name left aligned. Press enter and on a separate line enter your course information. Press enter again and enter the instructor’s name. Press enter once more and enter the assignment’s due date.
  2. Your title will be aligned center at the top of the page using. Press enter to start the main text of your paper.

These two methods are simple ways of addressing the title page – no title page requirement in MLA format. However, it’s always good to ask the instructor for an example in case there are specific requirements he or she would like you to touch on in your presentation. Take note, these two methods are only good for MLA style formatting. If you are working within APA or any other format style you should consult with the appropriate writing guide to ensure you have all the details correct.