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What Am I Supposed To Write In An Essay About Stress And Anxiety?

Stress and anxiety are common issues in our today’s fast paced world today. It is for this reason why you may be required to write an essay about stress and anxiety. When asked to write this kind of essay, you will need to begin by describing the two health issues and how they are related. You will also need to include their symptoms in your paper. Stress and anxiety can be marked by a wide range of symptoms. Anxiety results from a person getting overwhelmed as a result of long stressful periods. Anxiety is common in people who have depression or social phobias. The symptoms may range from mild, moderate or severe. Severe levels of anxiety may include

  • Research the topic
  • Ensure that you understand what the topic entails and how it affects health issues. You should also understand the different treatment options and how these can be implemented. You will also need to consider whether there are some issues relating to this topic that health practitioners seems not to agree on. Consider the environmental factors that are likely to trigger stress and anxiety. What have previous studies concluded on the same topic? Consider also the coping mechanisms for this kind of disorder.

  • Read the sample essays on stress and anxiety
  • If you will need to have an idea on what to write about, you will need to have an idea of other viewpoints that have been researched on the topic. Be sure to review samples in order to get an idea of different concepts and be able to create your own questions that you would like to seek solutions to. Consider the statistical data as well as other medical conditions that have been mentioned. You can already see how the essay approaches the subject from different angles. Most sample essays usually have notes and citations showing the source of the data. Note down the resources that have been used to have an idea of where you should get information on the essay. Your sample offers a sense of how the data is presented from the research to your audience.

  • Create an outline of the essay
  • It doesn’t matter whether you intend to create an outline before carrying out the research. This is a good way of ensuring that you take notes of the details that you are trying to plug into the outline to ensure that the essay looks complete. In case you happen to research on the topic before creating the outline, you will need to think of the source of your data. To learn more on how to write different essays, I recommend this site.