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Leonardo Da Vinci

Among the many greats of history who have left impressions far after their lives have ended is Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci was an intellectual Renaissance man, literally and figuratively. Da Vinci was born in 1452 and studied many different fields actively, ranging from human anatomy, writing, botany, music, painting and art, as well as a variation of sciences and mathematics as well. Many people express that Leonardo was one of the most important figures in the art of the Renaissance, and he undoubtedly created a lasting name for himself.

Among many of the countless works of art which hold historical and artistic value to this day are many of Da Vinci’s works. The Mona Lisa, finished a few short years before his death, is perhaps one of Da Vinci’s more noticeable and renowned. The Last Supper, Vitruvian Man, and The Baptism of Christ are also some of Da Vinci’s more popular works as well. However, while his artwork and the impression which he left on European art and culture have gained worldwide recognition, there are many things which remain little known about Da Vinci. Following are several little-known facts about Renaissance man Leonardo Da Vinci.

  • Many of Da Vinci’s creations are actually not complete.
  • Being that Da Vinci was known to take his time on his art, many of his creations of work are actually unfinished. There are several pieces of art which are kept in famous museums which are unfinished, but interestingly enough, many of his inventions also remain unfinished.

  • He was not formally educated.
  • While many other Renaissance artists attained a formal education in schooling, Leonardo actually did not. Leonardo did not get a proper education early in his life in the subject of art, but it is said that he was given lessons in basic subjects such as writing and reading. He was sent into Florence, Italy, in his later youth where he acted as an apprentice for a painter, strengthening his interest and skills in art.

  • It’s said that he was ambidextrous.
  • While Leonardo was dominantly left handed, many people have said that Da Vinci could actually paint with one hand while he wrote with the other.

  • He had dyslexia.
  • Leonardo actually had dyslexia, and wrote his notes backwards often. This made it quite difficult for others to read any of his writings.

Among these factoids are many others, showing that Da Vinci, like many other greats of history had more than meets the eye. Leonardo Da Vinci was a brilliant mathematician, inventor and artist, and passed away in 1519. While many of his works remain in some of the most famous and sophisticated museums in the world to be admired, Da Vinci interestingly may have not necessarily supported the idea, as he once stated that “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”