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How To Find A Free Template For A College Essay

Many college courses will require that you write at least one essay, which often counts for a significant percentage of your grade. When you’re planning to write an outstanding paper for one of your college classes, looking at free templates is a great way to get an idea of what you need to do. Although most students arrive at universities with a good foundation in writing from high school, this isn’t always the case. A free essay template can give you an excellent idea of how to structure your paper. When it comes to writing papers, structure is key. You need to know how to organize your ideas into a cogent, cohesive whole that conveys your argument clearly. A template will outline the organization of ideas within your paper, giving you the tools to organize your data, thesis, and other information within it.

A Generalized Essay Outline

Here is a very generalized skeleton of an outline, showing the general larger-scale composition of a typical student paper. This is how they are usually organized:

  • Introduction. The introduction gives a broad overview of your topic, and lets your reader know what you will be discussing. The most important element of the introduction is your thesis statement. This sentence encapsulates the idea or argument that your paper will present.
  • Body. The body of your paper offers the argument itself. You will discuss your ideas, as well as the evidence that supports them. You will probably also discuss and refute possible counterarguments. This ranges from three to five paragraphs, depending on the length of the paper and what kind of information it presents.
  • Conclusion. Your paper will conclude with a generalized summary of your arguments, and a recapitulation of your thesis statement.

Finding a Free Template for College Papers

You can find a more detailed college essay template for free. There are a number of places where you can look to find these outlines and guidelines to help you structure your paper, including:

  • Your university website. Many universities offer extensive writing guidelines on their websites, making them a great place to look when you’re not sure how to structure your paper. If your own college doesn’t offer these resources, many other universities do.
  • Use a search engine. There are many learning-oriented websites that offer useful how-to guides that can help you structure and write your essay. A simple web search will uncover several of these, which can often be incredibly useful.