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How Do You Create A Good Opinion Essay About Fast Food?

Fast food consumption is growing rapidly over the past few years. If you look back two decades from now, you would see that there was hardly any tradition to eat out or order food at home. In some cultures even dining out was almost a social taboo and did not count as a good reputation. However, the food giants have successfully developed their market and penetrated in the industry too strong that it is almost impossible for an average person to live without them. Whether fast food consumption is good or bad is another debate and that would vary from person to person. Some students may think it is great to have junk food readily available without having to stepping in the kitchen while others may think that is harmful because of the impacts it has on our health and lifestyle. If you are to compose an opinion essay on the subject, them it is for you to decide what stance you want to take in the paper. What is important here is to understand what actually is an opinion essay and how do you write one

An opinion essay is the kind of paper where you have to give your own verdict about a given subject or situation. You would study the subject and then write what is your opinion or thought about it. Unlike other types of assignments it may be subjective because it is based on your personal thoughts and affiliations. Even the research you carry will be opinionated when you are particular researching for one specific aspect

If you are to create a well composed opinion essay about fast food, then you should consider the following steps in your mind

1. Study the subject carefully

The first thing you should do is to read about the subject under concern carefully. Stay open to learning and welcome ideas by various authors to get a sound picture of the subject

2. Form your opinion/stance

Create your opinion or stance about fast food. Whether you think it is good, bad, important, inevitable or whatever… just write down a precise stance

3. Gather the evidence

Collect the evidence relevant to the stance or opinion you have developed

4. Develop your arguments

Organize the evidence you have collected to divide three or more major arguments

5. Write your paper

Write the paper using proper sentence structure