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The Top 20 Good Persuasive Essay Topics To Write About

An essay is a descriptive piece of writing in which the writer gives his own point of views regarding a topic. It can be in an argumentative form or an informative form. The following topics are impactful to make an argumentative essay.

  1. TV violence
  2. All the violent shows shown on the television impact the minds of small children as they try to imitate those actions.

  3. Mandatory drug tests for students
  4. A drug test must be conducted on students. In this way even if they are into drugs it can be caught early and treated.

  5. Danger of steroid
  6. People like to follow shortcuts and this is the reason they decide to take steroids. Steroids are harmful and must be avoided.

  7. Food additives
  8. The preservatives and other materials added to food these days are not at all healthy. Rather they lower a person’s metabolism and make them gain weight.

  9. Meat consumption
  10. Animals are also living beings they feel the same amount of pain like human beings do. They must not be harmed.

  11. Gender roles
  12. Lots of time people act biased. There are stereotypes like boys are stronger and girls are only good at household chores. These must be broken.

  13. Plastic surgery
  14. People should learn to accept themselves the way they are. Its not necessary that plastic surgeries are always successful sometimes it may act in the opposite way.

  15. Facebook
  16. Facebook is the most common topic of discussion from parents to five year olds. Whether it’s a boon or a ban is still in discussion.

  17. Bullying
  18. Bullying is a very bad thing. It ruins a person’s self-esteem for the rest of his life.

  19. Globalization
  20. Globalization is the intermingling of nations. Through globalization many different trends are entering each other’s nations.

  21. Role of luck in success
  22. Some people believe that luck plays an important role in success.

  23. Online teaching
  24. Some people have to go to jobs for feeding their families. For people like these online teaching is a privilege.

  25. Driving over speed limit
  26. Driving over speed limit is considered to be “cool”. But it is very important to understand that if there is a speed limit given then there must be a reason behind it.

  27. Living together before marriage
  28. In many culture it is considered unholy. But this also helps in developing better understanding before marriage.

  29. Male pregnancy
  30. Since female have to suffer through a lot of things. There must be one burden that should be shifted on males.

  31. Female genital mutilation should be stopped
  32. Genital mutilation is extremely painful and should be banned.

  33. Reducing poverty
  34. This is the most common topic. The facts on this topic are never ending.

  35. Use of cell phone while driving
  36. It is an extremely dangerous thing as while driving the complete attention should be on road.

  37. Recycling
  38. Recycling is important for a greener earth.

  39. Dieting
  40. Starving is a bad thing as it causes many problems to the body.

    The above topics will make very interesting essays for arguments.