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35 Illustration Essay Topics Worth Writing About

Illustration essays are commonly composed so writers can clearly expound the subjects of the study and to be able to provide attractive and engrossing descriptions. Hence, it will be easier for readers to understand those topics better. This form of writing is designed to specifically make the theme more definitive to the readers through providing valuable examples as well as facts.

If you are searching for interesting themes to talk about, here are some of the must-compose subjects you can discuss:

  1. Hobbies that can help you make money
  2. How should students choose among the many colleges to attend?
  3. Visit an art exhibition and describe the experience in detail
  4. Share your experience on how to write an essay in three hours
  5. Extreme dependence of human beings on technology
  6. How can students communicate with their parents while studying overseas?
  7. Explain how important essay writing is to the life of a student
  8. What are the most beneficial study habits?
  9. How can individuals avoid procrastination and begin working without wasting their most valued time?
  10. How it is possible to stay inspired while completing your school-related tasks?
  11. Assume that you are a volleyball instructor, provide a detailed explanation of how to perform a particular strike or move
  12. Why do people drink alcohol excessively? What it is like to be an alcoholic?
  13. Expound the roles of a university professor
  14. Religion, Science and their impact on society altogether
  15. Discuss how teams can support one another and build rapport
  16. Describe the work of a librarian at the school library
  17. Provide a detailed explanation of how the food you eat affects your performance as an athlete
  18. Interview an international student and ask why he or she decided to study overseas
  19. Discuss the differences between rugby and football
  20. What are the features of a good resume?
  21. Status symbol and Fashion shows
  22. What services do funeral homes provide?
  23. Discuss how to become a successful athlete and at the same time achieve academic excellence
  24. Describe some of your family’s traditions
  25. What university program is regarded as the most renowned among students in your region, and why is it a favorite?
  26. Explain some of the steps that you follow when picking the college you preferred to go to
  27. Tell an interesting story about your summer vacation
  28. Illustrate the history of the oldest building in your town
  29. Why are fast food diners very famous globally?
  30. Animal testing for human products
  31. Interview a tennis coach and ask why playing tennis is his or her favorite
  32. What animal is considered to be an ideal pet and why?
  33. Describe the impact that social media has on relationships
  34. Detail how you can come up with a study schedule for your holidays and weekends
  35. As a sports fan, explain in detail why you think your favorite sports team is underrated