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Essential Advice On How To Conclude A Narrative Essay

Wrapping up a narrative essay could be so daunting, especially for new writers. Many writers know how to create a fascinating body of an essay, catching the feelings and emotions of the readers. Conclusions are major contributors to the flavor of any writing. If they are done excellently, they can create zeal in the readers to read the work again and again. Conclusions are meant to make the reader have a sense of closure as well as to expel any doubts or suspects or the fate of the characters. Many beginners end up writing ambiguous conclusions which bore readers in the long run.


When in doubt, the best way to end or conclude your narrative is by the use of images. This helps alleviate the writer from expressing his or her feeling to the reader. It brings reality to the reader and it increases the sweetness of the story. An example of showing an image would be like,”The wind sings through the window like a siren.” This gives the reader a perfect image of how the wind was blowing without knowing your feelings, interests, or suggestion.

Another way is ending with an action. Look for something mesmerizing, create an attractive statement about how good or bad that thing was. Don’t allow the reader to notice how you felt or thought about any situation. Example - “That night I watched a naked girl from my window making up her hair.” It makes the reader concentrate on the ending not the previous occurrences of the story. You can as well end with dialogue. This is a good way to avoid a message or moral though sometimes it is very tricky to end with it. Through practice, narrative writers can use it. It is suitable if the writer has used it several times throughout the whole text.

The other excellent way of concluding a narrative essay is by the use of reflection. This is a method that conveys feelings to the reader without expressing your own feelings. It is very crucial especially at times when the writer wants the reader to understand the story from deep inside them.

Conclusions should be clear, short, and precise to ensure that they don’t confuse the reader. Avoid second person narrative because they are always confusing and might ruin your whole conclusion. Don’t describe your movements; just ensure that you are simple and straight to the point with little or no descriptions.