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Cold Cow Syndrome

Many young adults have taken part in the pastime of cow tipping, usually when under the influence of an alcohol related substance. What they may have seen, if they were in a sober state of mind is that it may have actually been the cow that appeared to have one too many. How is this possible? Just one of the many tell-tale signs of cold cow syndrome lets the farmer know that they may need to get help for their pasture and quickly.

Cold cow syndrome, although no cause has been found, occurs most often in the spring when a farmer notices that their cows seem unresponsive. As soon as a farmer notices the symptoms of this syndrome, they must immediately make contact with a veterinarian. These animal doctors are trained in finding symptoms through temperature examination, eating patterns and the daily patterns of exercise and mobility in the cow.

This disease occurs mostly in dairy cows, therefore it is important to get the cow up and on its feet in order to get the blood circulating throughout their limbs and organs, which in turn allows for a better and proper production on lactation. Proper care must be taken when assisting a cow to its feet as causing damage to a farmer’s livestock will also cause damage to his farming business. It is also necessary to keep these cows up and moving in order to get the proper readings needed when performing rectal or vaginal examinations on these cows.

As the name of the disease suggests, cold cow syndrome is often noted by the cold touch to a cow’s exterior although the interior body temperature appears normal. The other symptoms to include the appearance of drunkenness and profuse bowel movements can sometimes cause a full drop of milk production in these cattle. These symptoms often occur at the same pastures every spring, therefore when this disease is first noticed; a farmer should isolate the affected cows and rotate their pasture usage accordingly.

Unfortunately there is currently no cure for cold cow syndrome, but preventive actions are better than not being proactive at all. Veterinarians and those working with the National Animal Disease Information Service organization actively seek out the cure in the United Kingdom. This disease should be a warning to those who do cow tip to realize that the cow may actually not be able to get back up.