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Basic Points To Include In A Descriptive Essay About Food

School teachers often ask students to write descriptive essays on different topics. Such assignments develop students’ writing skills and help them learn how to express their feelings and emotions in writing properly. Writing about food is one of the most common topics for a descriptive paper. If you learn how to compose an outstanding paper on this topic, you’ll be able to write about anything else in the future.

What to Include in Your Descriptive Essay about Food

  1. Introductory words.
  2. Your first sentence should make the reader understand that your paper will be about food. Write about why you’ve decided to choose this topic and indicate what type of food you’re going to describe in your academic work.

  3. A thesis statement.
  4. At the end of the opening paragraph, you should place a sentence that will express the purpose of your paper and briefly list the exact subjects of your description. Make sure that the contents of the body paragraphs are relevant to your thesis.

  5. Descriptions.
  6. The body of your text should consist of several paragraphs where you give detailed descriptions of food that you’ve decided to discuss. Remember, that the reader should understand from your description not only the looks of a meal but also its smell and taste. Describe each aspect in a different paragraph.

  7. Summarizing words.
  8. The last paragraph of your essay is where you should make a conclusion. Sum up your descriptions from the body paragraphs and express your overall opinion about a meal that you’ve written about.

Tips for Writing Descriptive Papers

The main thing is that you should know what you’re describing. If you have only an encyclopedic knowledge of your topic, the reader will immediately understand this through your writing. If you’re asked to describe a meal, you should smell and taste it rather than just see it on a picture.

Think about feelings and emotions that you’ve experienced eating this meal. Make quick notes to use them later in your paper.

Don’t maintain academic tone making your descriptions. The reader should see a bright and lively image through your writing.

Getting Examples of Descriptive Essays

Many students need to look at good templates to compose excellent papers on their own. If you want to get a sample paper, you may go to your school library. There, plenty of academic works written by other students should be stored. It’s likely that if you search thoroughly, you’ll be able to find, at least, a few papers to use as examples.