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Current Trends In The Hotel Industry


The most important aspect to consider in all aspects of the hotel industry is the customer. Happy customers keep returning and word of mouth brings more business to your hotel.


Technology is forever changing. New technological advances mean changes to the way the customer pays. These changes include:

  • PayPal
  • Contactless payments
  • Safe and secure payment methods

It is not only the idea of payments that are changing. Also other technological changes that are seen is in the way the hotel industry is advertised.

It is essential now for hotels to have their own website with a facility that allows customers to book their holiday online. These websites do not only have to be compatible with all computers but now many customers use their phone of their tablet to make a booking so all websites have to be compatible across many devices.

Checking in each customer needs to be flawless and easy for both the hotel staff and the customer alike. There are specialised software to apply for all hotel systems to make checking in easy and secure.

When it comes to technology, all hoteliers need to be aware that customers are likely to review the service publicly. Websites such as trip advisor can be a gold mine to hoteliers who are able to give their customers the best holiday experience possible.


Each customer wants to feel welcomed and at home when they stay in any hotel. The key to this is to perfect customer service. Staff should be trained in all eventualities so they are able to give up to the minute advice on all aspects of their customer’s needs.

One way to improve customer service lies in the food options that are available. Many customers these days enjoy either gourmet or healthy eating options. If the customer is eating out it is essential that the hotelier is able to give advice on where the best places are to eat out for all different types of dining experience. This can be given on the website and by paper leaflets. It is also essential that staff know the local places as they are often asked where to eat out.


It is essential in all areas that staff are able to give the customer the best service that is possible. A happy customer means that they are more willing to return to the hotel time and time again and also word of mouth can mean more custom for the hotel.