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The Best Way To Start A Synthesis Essay And Make It Interesting

In order to write a good synthesis essay, you should be able to analyze information and organize your ideas properly. A synthesis essay presents connections between different sources in order to support a point of view regarding a topic. If you want to write a successful and interesting work, here is the best way to start:

  • Choose an appropriate topic.
  • As you must make connections between sources, you should choose a good topic. It should be broad enough so that you can present several different works.

  • Choose and analyze the sources.
  • The generally accepted structure of the synthesis essay includes at least three sources. It is a very important element of your writing, so select quality and trustworthy sources.

  • Write your thesis.
  • After a thorough analysis of the sources, you should formulate your point of view regarding the topic. Given that the thesis statement serves as the main idea of the work, write it as a complete sentence. Because there are several different types of synthesis essays, the thesis may be either the first or the last sentence of the introduction.

  • Find the supporting evidence.
  • Select and write out the necessary facts, ideas, or citations from the sources to validate your thesis statement. If you want to analyze the opposite point of view, look for any necessary data that goes against your ideas.

  • Organize your ideas.
  • You should write an outline of the work in order to structure it as required. Keep in mind that the typical structure includes the following elements:

    • Introduction.
    • The purpose of the introduction is to capture the reader’s interest and state your thesis.

    • Body paragraphs.
    • Each body paragraph must include a topic sentence, your position, the supporting data from the sources, and the explanation of the relevance of the sources.

    • Conclusion paragraph.
    • The conclusion is required to state the importance of the topic, considering the evidence and arguments you presented. It must also include the general statement about your topic.

  • Be creative.
  • If there are no strict requirements regarding the structure of your work, you should come up with some unusual presentation of your ideas. For instance, you can use a ‘straw man’ strategy. According to this approach, you are supposed to present the opposite point of view and then demonstrate its invalidity and weakness.

  • Make a draft.
  • Use your outline and start writing your work. Make any necessary changes if you decide to include some new information.