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Writing An Outstanding Profile Essay About Michael Jordan

In this profile essay, students are expected to describe Michael Jordan in details. Being a famous basketball player, a lot of information is available on the internet about his career. However, you will be expected to go beyond that by letting the reader understand other interests he has. Here are some tips on how to make the profile essay more outstanding:

Start with a catchy introduction

The introduction is an important section because it not only invites the reader to the discussion, but also does help him to understand what to expect in the write up. In writing the thesis statement in the introduction, writers need to include abstract ideas and descriptive facts about the character. A catchy introduction is one that provides a general overview of who the character is and the writer’s general statement about him.

Give in depth details

Students/writers should provide details such as history of the player. For instance, it will help readers understand his difficulties in childhood and other challenges he faced. Other details such as when he started playing, his former clubs would also be useful to the reader. Some research would be necessary, although much detail is easily available on the internet.

Be vivid

Every profile essay stands out when the writer gives a description that helps readers figure out the character in their minds. For instance, describing the personality of Jordan can be done vividly. Vivid descriptions also make the paper interesting to read.

Be balanced about the character

Chicago Bulls became famous even to those who do not like basket ball and part of this was due to Jordan’s contribution. Writing about achievements of the player can see your profile essay run several pages. However, it is important to ensure that you write something about his failures. Michael Jordan does not only pursue basketball, but his dream in fashion is still on. He is also an entrepreneur. Make sure to balance the write up by focusing on a wide range of issues about him.

Consider an interview

Most profile essays will need you to consider internet based information. However, students who write an outstanding paper go an extra mile by interviewing the character. This is because you will not only get an in-depth understanding of the character which will be passed to the reader, but also do make the paper have up to date information. While having a face-to-face interview with Jordan is extremely difficult, sending an email questionnaire or using phone interviews will be extremely helpful.

Revise the essay

Revising the paper will make the work outstanding in that it helps remove grammatical errors to make the work readable. It also helps in removing statements that do not relay any information to readers.