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Selecting A Format For Writing A Synthesis Essay: 9 APA Tips

When you sit down to write a synthesis essay, you have to keep certain important things in mind. Even though the basic structure of all of these assignments stays, the same and you always begin with an introduction followed by a body and conclusion but there are some changes in the body paragraphs and their order. You have to understand the purpose of writing and the aim you are trying to achieve through your paper before you go ahead and writer anything. It is critical to understand that a synthesis paper requires you to connect and link different sources in order to form a larger perspective for your paper. All the sources and data you use in your paper should complement and support your main thesis in the paper. If you are wondering to create an effective synthesis paper then you should consider the following instructions

  1. Pick your format
  2. Decide the format you are going to use for your paper. Either you can have specific instructions from your teacher to use one style or you can choose them on your own. Whatever the case, you need to carefully figure out the format you are going to use. If you have any confusion about it, you can visit this link because this website can assist you in picking the right format

  3. Introduction
  4. The standard structure would contain an introduction where you present your paper and main idea to the audience. You need to use a hook in the opening statement to engage your audience

  5. Body
  6. Format your body according to the instructions by the manual you are following. You can get a sample from their official website and follow the it to create your own assignment

  7. Conclusion
  8. The conclusion of your synthesis paper will emphasis and show the larger significance of your work

  9. Avoid plagiarism
  10. It is critical for writing your paper in APA style that it is free of any copied materials

  11. Create an outline
  12. Use this outline according to the specifications of the manual you are following

  13. Cite your sources
  14. Use footnotes and bibliographical citations to cite the sources you have used in your paper

  15. Write in third person
  16. You should write such an assignment using the third person pronoun

  17. Proofread
  18. Revise and proofread once done