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Fresh Ideas on How to Deal with the Analytical Essay Format

Many students agree that they have troubles writing analytical essays. Sometimes, they do not have enough practice, do not know where to start from, have poor writing skills, or simply do not like writing. Either way, they need to complete assigned papers, and therefore the following information about analytical essays will help them deal with this essay format.

If you want to prepare a successful paper, you should examine the material and evaluate it, rather than tell the audience the facts and examples. An analytical essay should answer questions of how and why, and its specific characteristics are the following:

  1. A paper should provide an in-depth analysis of a narrow topic.
  2. A thesis statement explains evidence for the claims and is often longer than one sentence.
  3. In most cases, the number of paragraphs depends on the argument; authors should not limit themselves with a five-paragraph format.
  4. The typical structure consists of an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

The most important step that you should make is to understand the material that you are going to analyze. Do not hesitate to consult your instructor if you have any doubts. After you choose a topic and come up with the main ideas, you should develop your essay structure. The most common sample structures of analytical essay are provided below.

  1. The simplest structure is the following:
    • An introduction that includes a thesis statement and establishes your main position.
    • A main body that provides several alternative points of view and arguments that defend your main position.
    • A brief conclusion.
  2. If you want to focus on reasons why others’ positions are wrong, you can use this structure:
    • An introduction that includes a thesis statement, followed by alternative perspectives.
    • A main body that explains why alternative perspectives are not solid, and why your position is the best alternative.
    • A summarizing conclusion.
  3. When it makes sense to focus on several different issues, you should try to organize your paper in the following way:
    • A short introduction with your main point.
    • Several paragraphs of the main body; each of them is devoted to a single issue, states your position, describes alternative arguments, and proves why a chosen position is correct.
    • A summarizing conclusion.

So, you should select the best essay format to develop your thesis statement and cover the essay topic. It is a good idea to study an essay manual, and learn some tips and tricks that you may use in order to improve your paper’s quality.