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How To Write An Effective Essay Conclusion: Guide And Examples

If you are given the task of writing an essay, you know that the main components include the introduction, body, and the conclusion. Many students have no problem getting started with the body paragraphs. Developing the topic and refining the evidence to support their topic comes easily to many students compared to the other aspects of the writing process. What many people struggle with now is completing the conclusion.

The conclusion plays an important role for the readers. Without a coherent conclusion students will present an incomplete picture, one that does not offer the reader closure. The introduction and the conclusion work hand in hand to frame the argument that you make. Without the conclusion to tie up loose ends for readers will be left hanging, unsure of how your argument ends. The last thing that your reader encounters is important because it will help them to walk away with a clear picture of what your argument was and why it was important. The last thing a reader remembers will be in fact the last thing they read. That is why the conclusion is so important because it leads your reader with all of the information that you presented some duck in a nice, neat package. And chances are this is what they will remember most clearly when they walk away from your paper.

So how can you write a good conclusion?

  • The conclusion should represent approximately 10% of the total length of your paper much the same as the introduction. If you have an essay which is five pages in length the conclusion should take up approximately 1 to 2 paragraphs that amount to1/2 to 3/4 of a page.
  • In addition to this you want the conclusion to very clearly mirror the introduction with one sentence allotted to summarize each of the key points you made in your body. A standard five paragraph essay should have three key body paragraphs which mean that the conclusion should contain three sentences, one for each body paragraph.
  • The difference here between the conclusions in the introduction is that the conclusion summarizes not only the purpose of each body paragraph but the evidence that you presented therein. Do you want to remind the reader why your Argument is coherence and well thought out? This is the key to creating high-quality concluding paragraph for any type of essay.